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HOVANE PHYTOCHEMICALS CO,.LTD is a professional plant extracts R&D and manufacturing company dedicated to providing natural active products for the global pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetic industries.

The founder of the company, Mr. Liu Zeping, graduated from Lanzhou University with a Master's degree in Natural Organic Chemistry and 18 years of experience in the plant extract industry. Under his leadership, the company has gathered a number of excellent scientific and technological talents with doctoral and master's degrees majoring in natural medicinal chemistry, and established a fully functional product research and development center and analysis and testing center. The company's leading products include burdock extract, He Shou Wu extract, birch extract, yellow wolfberry leaf extract, dogwood extract, wild chrysanthemum extract, peony extract and dozens of other products, which can meet the requirements of customers at different levels, and the products are sold both at home and abroad, and are well received by customers.

Ms. Kuang Liangying, the main investor of the company, has 25 years of management experience in Procter & Gamble and 5 years of management background in P&G's basic quality capability in Asia. Under her guidance, the company has perfect production facilities, complete quality system and service system.

The company adheres to the tenet of "We are committed to pioneering natural product innovation and improving cost-effectiveness through advanced manufacturing processes, and strive to provide our customers with superior quality and value", and will continue to utilize the unique resources of traditional Chinese medicines in the western part of China, and take advantage of the company's scientific and technological innovations to continuously develop special effects and excellent quality plant extract products to meet the needs of new and old Chinese medicine companies. We will continue to utilize the unique resources of traditional Chinese medicines in western China and take advantage of our scientific and technological innovation to continuously develop effective and high-quality plant extracts to meet the needs of new and old customers and to benefit human health.

A. Company Purpose
We are committed to pioneering natural product innovation and improving cost-effectiveness through advanced manufacturing processes in order to provide superior quality and value to our customers.

B. Values
Honesty and Integrity, Innovation and Realism, Resilience and Perseverance. Developing Together

C.Company Vision
To enhance people's health and well-being through the power of natural plant extracts/products.


We are dedicated to supporting our customer’s success by delivering the best products and services. By leveraging the unique properties of plants and applying the most advanced processing and formulating technologies, we are devoted to developing and producing superior products that fulfill every customer's unique needs.


Provide customers with unique, high value products and services.



Honesty and a sincere commitment to partnering with our stakeholders



Natual Essence for Human Hleath Innovation for a better HOVANE


Serve our customers with the best products and services to succeed
Professionally Provide Polygonum Multiflorum, Betulin, Taxifolin, Beta-Ecdysterone, Asiaticoside
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    Brand Advantages

    1. Developed with more than 20 years of industry experiences.
    2. ISO 9001 quality system ensures product safety, stability and reliability.
    3. High yield extraction capacity, best value products.
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    Service Advantages

    1. Factory scale batch production capability.
    2. Well-maintained inventory across product lines allows fast delivery.
    3. 24/7 online technical support.
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    Technical Advantages

    1. Forward-thinking research into potential applications of new active ingredients.
    2. Product specifications can be customized based on individual customer’s needs.
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