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What is the use of Beta--ecdysterone?
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What is the use of Beta--ecdysterone?

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What is the use of Beta--ecdysterone?

high quality Beta-Ecdysterone has recently grown in popularity and is even considered by many to be the best muscle-building supplement. What is the function of ecdysterone? What are the health effects of Brown Powder Beta-Ecdysterone?

  • l  What is Beta--ecdysterone?

  • l  What is the effect of β-ecdysterone on muscle?

  • l  What are the benefits of β-ecdysterone research?


What is Beta--ecdysterone?

1.         Ecdysone is an active substance extracted from the roots of Cyanotis arachnoidea C. B. Clarke. In sericulture, it is used to shorten the age of silkworm, make the tufting neat, and promote spinning cocoon; Ecdysone is an essential substance for the growth and development of aquatic crustaceans, shrimps and crabs.

2.         Ecdysone is classified as white, off-white, pale yellow or light brown crystalline powder according to its purity. Melting point 240-241 degrees, soluble in chloroform and ethanol, water soluble in ethyl acetate chloroform slightly soluble.

What is the effect of β-ecdysterone on muscle?

As a supplement to muscle gain, β-ecdysterone has shown promising results in anabolism. In multiple studies, researchers have given the compound orally to mammals, with intriguing results. Thus, several researchers have pointed out that Beta--ecdysterone behaves like anabolic steroids, but without androgen effects. This compound offers the benefits of steroids without the negative health effects. And it's much safer than other PEDs on the market. This supplementation directly increases the rate of protein synthesis and ensures a net nitrogen balance that promotes muscle growth. In addition, in vitro studies of human muscle tissue showed enhanced muscle tissue growth when the researchers used β-ecdysterone.

What are the benefits of β-ecdysterone research?

1.         It turns out Beta--ecdysterone lowers bad cholesterol levels and blood sugar. It also appears to benefit the liver and gut by increasing protein synthesis.

2.         Studies have also shown that Beta--ecdysterone increases endurance, stimulates metabolic function, and improves neurological function. Many of the subjects taking β-ecdysterone also reported reduced fatigue, increased concentration, and increased motivation.

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