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What is andrographolide?
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What is andrographolide?

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What is andrographolide?

What is Andrographolide?

·What is Andrographolide?

·What are the functions of Andrographolide?

·What areas of Andrographolide can be used?

What is Andrographolide?

It is a natural plant extract that is extracted from creat.

1.The Raw Material of Andrographolide: The raw material creat is creat. It’s also called Andrographis Paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees. Creat belongs to herb. The leaf of creat looks like rectangular circle. The length is about 4~8cm. The width is about 1~2.5cm. Most of them are dispersed in Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Yunnan and so on.

2.The characteristic of creat: Creat adapts to the weather of high temperature and moist. It likes sufficient sunshine and fertile soil. The seeds adapt to temperature 25~30 degree celsius.

What are the functions of Andrographolide?

1. It has the function of protecting liver.

2. It has great effects on anti-virus. For example, andrographolide soft capsule can cure infection of upper respiratory tract, shigellosis. It can be used in Department of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Infectious Disease.

3. It helps to relieve symptom of bad cold. Andrographolide drops main be used for wind-heat and cold.

4. It has efficiency of preventing pregnant. A research indicated that when mice eat 2g andrographolide that will cause mice unable to conceive a child.

5. Andrographolide helps to protect blood vessel. It effects on anti-oxidant. It also has the function of anti-viral.

6. Andrographolide has influence on heat-clearing and detoxification,anti-inflammation, alleviate

a swelling.Curing urinary tract infection, tonsillitis,enteritis,pharyngolaryngitis etc.

What areas of Andrographolide can be used?

First, it is used in medicine extensively. Andrographolide can be made in different form, such as capsule, tablet, oral liquid and so on.

Second, it can be used in health care products with a little quantity.

Hovane Phytochemicals Co.,Ltd produce andrographolide in batches. The main specifications are 10%,16%,98%. High purity product can be customized. We will provide best products and service

for customers. If you have any needs, please contact with us.

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