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What is Gentopicroside?
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What is Gentopicroside?

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What is Gentiopicroside?

Genotiopicroside is a plant extract made from felwort. The appearance is brownish-yellow powder. It tastes bitter. Gentiopicroside can soluble in water.

What are the characteristics of the material of Gentiopicroside?

The source of Gentiopicroside is called the Gentian scabra bunge. It is lying on the floor or standing upright. The root and stem are strong. It has different colors such as greenish-yellow, fuchsia, etc. Most of the felwort lives in grassland, on the side of a river, in the bush, on the side of a road, etc.

Location: Flewort is distributed in domestic and abroad. Domestic, they are mainly distributed in NeiMneggu, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Guizhou, Shanxi, Sichuan, Hunan, etc. Abroad, they are distributed in Russia, Japan, Korea, etc.

What are the functions of Gentiopicroside?

1. It has the function of heat-clearing. It helps to release the fire of the liver. Gentiopicroside can be used for warm juandice, eczema itch, etc.

2. Gentiopicroside has the function of courage, anti-inflammation, benefit for digestion, reduction pressure, and so on.

3. Most Gentiopicroside be used in medicine. It has great value in medical use.

How about the manufacture of Gentiopicrroside?

Hovane Phytochemicals Co., Ltd is a professional Gentiopicroside manufacturer. The company has cultivated in the plant extract industry for over twenty years. And we have gathered a batch of postgraduate, and undergraduate degree research teams. Except for Gentiopicroside, Hovane’s star products are including taxifolin, betulin, polygonum multiflorum, and so on. To satisfy the customers' requirements, we can provide different specifications.

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