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What is Asiaticoside?
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What is Asiaticoside?

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What is Asiaticoside?

What is Asiaticoside?

·What is Asiaticoside?

·What are the uses of Asiaticoside?

·What are the functions of Asiaticoside?

·What should be noted when using Asiaticoside?

1.What is Asiaticoside?

Asiaticoside is a kind of natural plant extract which is extracted from Asiatic Grass. It is light yellow or brownish-yellow powder. It tastes a little bit bitter. Asiaticoside is easily soluble in water and alcohol,but insoluble in ether and chloroform.Most Asiatic Grass live in grassland or alongside the drain. Their living environment is on

the latitude from 200-1900 meters. And the Asiatic whole grass can be used in medicine. They are dispersed in many provinces like Yunnan,Guangxi,Sichuan and so on.

2. What are the uses of Asiaticoside?

Firstly, is can be used in medicine. For instance, it can be made asiaticoside tablet. Asiaticoside tablet is great for curing injury.

Secondly,asiaticoside is widely used in cosmetics. For example, it can be used in face cream, essence,toner,emulsion, masks and so on. The uses of cosmetics that helps to fade the spots, whiten and moisturize, hydrant and repair skin.

3.What are the functions of Asiaticoside?

1. It has great useful in promoting wound healing. When someone was injured, Asiaticoside can cure external injury, surgical trauma,burning injury and so on.

2.  The mask has function of anti-oxidant,promote metabolish of skin,improve sombre of skin.Besides,It helps clearing heat and detoxication and repair skin.

3. It promotes remake protein. It promotes the appearance of collagen, which deduct the support force lines and make the skin firming and lightening.

4.What should be noted when using Asiaticoside?

1. Asiatocoside tablet should be used after eating 30 minutes.

2. During eating asiaticoside tablet, we should avoid drinking alcohol, eating hot pepper, eating seafood and so on.

3. When using the mask made from asiatoside, we should avoid using frequently. Because overuse may hurt the skin.

Asiaticoside has wide range of uses. It is great product of protecting and repairing skin. Hovane Phytochemicals is an experienced company which has reliable asiaticoside with reasonable price. The company is devoted to innovation research, produce and sale. It provides different specifications of products and high quality products that can be customized. The products are comply with different customer’s needs. It’s a good choice if you are looking for a supplier.

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