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What are the effects of Geotrine?
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What are the effects of Geotrine?

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What are the effects of Geotrine?

What are the effects of Geotrine?

·What is Geotrine?

·What are the characteristics of Radix Isatidis?

·What are effects of Geotrine?

What is Geotrine?

Geotrine is natural plant extract which is extracted from Radix isatidis. It is extensively used in medicine. It is brown powder, which is soluble in chloroform,methyl alcohol,alcohol ect. But it can’t soluble in cold water. The CAS of Geotrine is 1072-93-1.The formula is C5H7NOS, and Molecular Weight is 129.18.

What are the characteristics of Radix Isatidis?

Radix Isatidis is divided into two classifies. One is named woad, another is named acanthaceous indigo.

Radix Isatidis located in Yangtze River and North of China. It has great adaptability of environment and soil that can endure extremely cold. The plant loves warm environment and horrible of water.

Radix Isatidis latitude is about 50--100cm, the leaf is long circular or acicular form. It’s length about 5-15cm,width is about 1.5-4cm.The root is long and deep.It’s diameter about 5-8mm. Radix Isatidis flowering season is almost 5 months, and the fruit season is almost 6 months.

Radix Isatidis distributed all over the world. Most of them are dispersed in NeiMenggu,Shanxi, Anhui,Shandong,Hebei,Guizhou province and so on.

What are effects of Geotrine?

1. Geotrine has the function of anti-virus. It can anti-bacillus subtilis,gold staphylacoccus, colon bacillus and so on.

2. It effects on heat-clearing,takes precautions against cold, benefits for throat. Geotrine main be used for throat disease.

3. It helps deduct the blood pressure,inhibit the congregate of platelet.

4. It has influence on detoxify black false hellebore.

5. Geotrine has the function of disperse a swelling and anti-allergic.

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