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What are the effects of Arctiin on the human body?
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What are the effects of Arctiin on the human body?

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What are the effects of Arctiin on the human body?

Arctiin has been used for centuries in many Asian countries and is used in Traditional Chinese medicine to 'purify the blood'. So what are arctiin products bursting? What should I pay attention to when using arctiin products?

  • What is arctiin?

  • What benifits of arctiin for the body?

  • What are the precautions for eating Fructus arctii glycosides?

What is arctiin?

Arctiin, a plant commonly used in Traditional Chinese medicine, is often advertised as a nutritious food. Arctiin has been used as a cooking ingredient for hundreds of years, often boiled in soy sauce in Korea and Japan, and is a commonly consumed food.

What good is arctiin for the body?

1. Arctiin can inhibit mast cells and reduce allergic inflammation. It prevents ige-mediated allergies (and anaphylactic shock) and prevents mast cells from releasing histamine and inflammatory cytokines. For example, latex gloves containing arctiin aglycones protect against latex allergies.

2. In patients with arthritis, 6 grams of arctiin tea per day for 42 days reduced pro-inflammatory cytokines and improved inflammatory state and oxidative stress.

3. Fructus arctii glycosides ameliorate diabetes by lowering blood sugar, improving glucose tolerance, and preventing pancreatic cell death. Long-term oral administration of arctiin glycogen can reduce blood glucose and improve lipid metabolism. Arctiin can reduce the levels of HbA1C, triglyceride and V-LDL, while increasing the levels of insulin, HDL and leptin. Inulin and sitosterol -β -glucopyranoside (from arctiin) can also help actively regulate blood sugar levels

4. Arctiin may help reduce oxidative stress, reduce muscle damage and improve athletic performance. Arctiin and its bioactive ingredients have been shown in several studies to improve physical function/endurance, reduce physical fatigue, and improve grip strength. For example, arctiin increases exercise endurance by increasing antioxidant levels in muscles and reducing exercise-induced fatigue. Long-term administration of arctiin in animal models significantly increased swimming endurance (through activation of AMPK) and reduced fatigue by approximately 30%. Arctiin is so powerful in reducing exercise-induced fatigue that it was able to improve endurance during treadmill running in fully sedentary animal models (previously untrained).

What are the precautions for eating Fructus arctii glycosides?

1. Fructus arctii glycosides has been shown to be safe in animal studies (<250 mg/kg) and continues to be consumed for up to 8 weeks. Tannins can cause stomach upset and, in high concentrations, have dangerous side effects such as renal toxicity and liver necrosis.

2. Arctiin oil applied to the skin may cause contact dermatitis (in one study it was used as a massage oil).

3. Fructus arctii glycosides metabolites can be excreted through bile and urine.

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