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What are the advantages of polygonum multiflorum
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What are the advantages of polygonum multiflorum

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What are the advantages of polygonum multiflorum

With people's attention to health, polygonum multiflorum and its products have gradually entered people's vision. Do you know what effects polygonum multiflorum has on the human body? How much should polygonum multiflorum product dosage be?

  • What is polygonum multiflorum?

  • What are the benefits of polygonum multiflorum?

  • How much should polygonum multiflorum product dosage be?

What is polygonum multiflorum?

Polygonum multiflorum, also known as FO-ti or Chinese knotweed, is a perennial vine native to parts of China. Traditional herbology uses plant roots that have not been processed or cooked with black beans to treat a variety of health conditions. Scientific studies have found evidence to support some of its traditional uses. Consult your doctor for guidance on proper use of polygonum multiflorum.

What are the benefits of polygonum multiflorum?

1. Polygonum multiflorum may help prevent brain aging. In tissue culture studies, brain cells exposed to excessive activation of the neurotransmitter glutamate showed signs of oxidative damage and premature death. Cells treated with polygonum multiflorum before exposure to glutamate lived longer and were less sensitive to the damaging effects of glutamate.

2. Chinese knotweed keeps you young by lowering cholesterol levels and preventing heart disease. One study of laboratory animals found that the herb inhibited the formation of arterial plaque by blocking the formation of foam cells -- white blood cells that infiltrate the lining of blood vessels -- and led to a reduction in atherosclerosis by up to 60 percent. The researchers concluded that polygonum multiflorum shows potential as a powerful natural substance to prevent cardiovascular disease.

3. Polygonum multiflorum may help with some forms of thinning hair and baldness. Topical application of polygonum multiflorum has increased the number and size of hair follicles in laboratory animal studies. Polygonum multiflorum works by activating genes that control growth in the limbs, brain and spinal cord, the researchers noted.

How much should polygonum multiflorum product dosage be?

Because of the risk of liver damage, people should take the lowest effective dose of polygonum multiflorum for the shortest possible time. In 2005 and 2014, the China Food and Drug Administration issued new guidelines on the use of polygonum multiflorum supplements. It states that the daily dose of unprocessed products should not exceed 1.5 grams and processed products should not exceed 3 grams. In addition, they recommend that people who take these supplements do so only under close medical supervision. Consumers should have regular tests to monitor their liver function while using the herb and should stop taking it immediately if they experience abnormalities.

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