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What are functions of Paeoniflorin?
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What are functions of Paeoniflorin?

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What are functions of Paeoniflorin?

·What is Peaoniflorin?

·What are functions of Peaoniflorin?

·What should be precaution when using Peaoniflorin?

1. What is Peaoniflorin?

·Peaoniflorin is a plant extract which was extracted from Chinese herbaceous, which has great value of medical and cosmetics use. The appearance of Paeoniflorin is brown powder. This kind of powder is easily soluble in water,alcohol,methyl alcohol and so on. Hovane Phytochemicals Co.,Ltd is a Peaoniflorin manufacture which has twenty years history.

·What is Chinese herbaceous penony? It’s also called Paeonia Lactiflora Pall. It is a plant that has highly value in medicine and enjoy the sight.Most of them are located in China and north of Asia. The  roots  were  divided  into  three  parts  and enrich  in  nutrition.

2.What are functions of Paeoniflorin?

·It has function for nerve central that can be used in medicine, which has effects on expanding blood. Besides, paeoniflorin has function of alleviate pain and keeps people calm down.

·It also helps for anti-inflammation, anti-canker,clearing-heat and spasmolysis,be diuretic and so on.

·It has effective on anti- hyperlipemia,adjust immunity,anti-timour and protect liver.

In addition, it has function of deducting blood sugar.


3.What should be precaution when using Paeoniflorin ?

·Paeoniflorin belongs to coldness product. If a women with irregular menstruation, she is not adopt to use medicine or cosmetics including paeoniflorin.

·Peaonflorin has function of inhibiting nerve central so that people who is stuporous

that is forbid to use. Baby or old people who is in patient not fit to use it.

·Pregnant people is not adopt to use for a long term with big dose.

·Paeonflorin couldn’t be used with hypertensive medicine to avoid orthotropism low blood pressure.

·It is prohibit to use with heparin,warfarin,aspirin.

Hovane Phytochemicals Co.,Ltd is a manufacture of Paeoniflorin. If you are finding a supplier, it’s a good choice for  you. The  company  will  provide  high  quality Paeoniflorin and best service for customers.

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