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Summary report of Western plant extract Exhibition
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Summary report of Western plant extract Exhibition

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Summary report of Western plant extract Exhibition

From October 14, 2019 to October 18, 2019, organized by Chengdu chamber of Commerce for import and export and Sichuan business development association, our company participated in the world plant extract exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA.

Our company's booth is located at No. 5568, area E, of the whole exhibition site. The size and geographical location of the booth are not dominant. But we also received nearly 100 visitors this time. Among the visitors, there are peer follow-up, traders looking for Chinese industry partners, those who come specifically to find our products, those who take samples, those who ask to mail samples after returning home, those who make inquiries, and those who talk about scientific research cooperation.

From a micro perspective, although we did not sign orders for this exhibition, the intended trading volume is not much. However, the exhibition strengthened our confidence in our product positioning; It has also helped us speed up technological innovation. Macroscopically speaking, going out to understand the world and let the world know us. This is of great significance to improve the international operation ability, quickly join the open international team and serve human health.

At the same time, in the process of communicating with nearly 6 world-famous peers, we also found that our products are complementary to theirs. When we exchanged business cards, another door opened for us! For example, sunny HAMA, KEB nutritional USA Inc., 5th fifth nutrisuppl, DSM, etc. their marketing model, product positioning and management philosophy are all examples for us to learn from. Their interest in our star products also provides us with a basis for further communication.

Finally, this exhibition is also an in-depth exchange between us and our domestic counterparts. We are deeply impressed by the marketing concept and flexible market response ability of our peers. Our innovation and management ability may leave a little bit of thinking to our peers.

In short, go out of your own world and enter the ranks of the world. The vision has been broadened, the vision has been expanded, and the business has been expanded. The so-called "know yourself and know the enemy" is invincible in a hundred battles. Look up at the starry sky and operate in a down-to-earth manner! The future must belong to us.

The following are some photos of on-site customer exchange at the exhibition:

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