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Let's Go To the World of Rosemary Acid
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Let's Go To the World of Rosemary Acid

Views: 0     Author: Jenny     Publish Time: 2023-02-09      Origin: Hovane Phytochemicals Co.,Ltd


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Let's Go To the World of Rosemary Acid

Lets Go To the World of Rosemary Acid

Rosemary Acid is a Rosemary extract that can soluble in water. Rosemary extract has element such as rosmarinol, Carnosic Acid, Sage phenol.

The knowledge about rosemary.

What is rosemary? It is a natural plant that belongs to labiaceae plant. And rosemary acid is extracted from rosemary. Most of them lives in bush.The origin of rosemary is Europe,North Africa and Mediterranean.Recent years, it was planted in Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan, Hainan Province in our country.Rosemary likes the shiny climate, which adapts to cold current temperature. It can endure dry environment.Besides, it likes the soil with enrich sandy.

What are functions of Rosemary Acid?

1. First of all, rosemary has strength function of anti-aging.As a result, it can be used in cosmetics broadly.

2. Second, it can be extensively used in medicine, fries food and keep the food fresh that is include lots of oil. For example, As medicine, it has the function of treating blood malignant tumour, cardiovascular diseases,anti-cancer, heart disease etc.

3. Third,it can be made of flavouring essence. These flavouring essence can be made of cosmetics, perfume,scented soap and air freshener etc.

What is notation of using Rosemary Acid?

1. The pregnant women avoid to used rosemary acid product.

2. A person with high blood pressure and epilepsy is forbid to used rosemary acid product.

How about the manufacture of Rosemary Acid?

Hovane Phytochemicals Co.,Ltd is a rosemary acid manufacture. The company has over 20 years history in plant extract industry. We has a professional research team that including a group of people wit doctor,master and batchlor degree.Our star products are betulin,taxifolin,arctiin etc. We will provide high quality products and best service for customers.If you are interested in our products,please contact with us.

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