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Congratulations on being a high technology company
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Product name: Polygonum Multiflorum Extract
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Congratulations on being a high technology company

Views: 0     Author: Jenny     Publish Time: 2023-02-17      Origin: Hovane Phytochemicals Co.,Ltd


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Congratulations on being a high technology company

Congratulations on being a high-technology company

Congratulations to Hovane Phytochemicals Co., Ltd has obtained the high technology enterprise. Certificate No. is GR202251003355.Since the company was established, we have received commands of self-innovation, breakthrough ourselves in technical research steadily. We research a series of products such as Betulin, Taxifolin, and Polygonum multiflorum by ourselves.

High-technology company point at the company that 《Country’s Emphasize Support Enterprise in High Technology  Area》.According to the 《 High Technology Enterprise Management Hold Method》, High Technology Enterprise also called State Level High Technology Enterprise, the enterprise must have a self-core intellectual property right, and has been registered for over one year within China(excluding HongKong, and Macao), as a basis to develop operation activity.

It’s a milestone for the development of a company that is to be held as the country’s high-technology enterprise. This will push on the process of self-innovation and self-research. To satisfy the demand of different clients, the company will deeply plow in the plant extract industry, keep exploring and innovating, to research more new products continue.

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